Benefits Of Blended Learning

Understanding the Scope of Blended Learning

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How has the pandemic altered our lives? Certainly, it has turned many of the things we do topsy-turvy. While we have by now become accustomed to the changes, a noticeable effect the pandemic has caused is on the modes of education. Blended learning is a part of several educational institutions now.

What is blended learning?

Under this approach, knowledge is imparted to students through face-to-face along with experiences of online learning. There are various types of blended learning. An example for a general understanding of this approach is where a student attends classes in the traditional classroom setting and then he would enhance the lessons through completion of online coursework. The student may have to attend only fewer offline classes in a week than usual. He would then be free to learn and progress at his own comfortable pace. 

Benefits of Blended Learning

Can blended learning be a boon to the students as well as teachers? Let us discuss some of its benefits. One of them is the fact that learning does not get limited to solely textbooks. Students step into a vast world where they get to realize that a lot can be absorbed through education. Blended learning raises the interest level of students. Since the lessons also involve technology, students are likely to be more interested in what they are learning. Topics or subjects that might be felt as monotonous for learners become interesting. In the end, more information stays in the minds of students.

With resources online, students can view the material without constraints like schedule. Besides, today, students do like having a variety of ways to learn. Perhaps, one of the reasons could be that most of them have already adjusted to technology and the online environment. Blended learning paves the way for self-learning as students also face the need to search for information online independently.

Critical Thinking

Blended learning nurtures the ability to think in a clear manner and also rationally, ultimately resulting in the understanding of the logical relationship between ideas. This ability is what we describe by the term ‘critical thinking’.

Since in this type of learning, students actively discuss and express their understanding of different concepts, their confidence increases.

Communication Skills

For an effective education to happen, it is essential that students communicate with the teachers well. Communication is after all, one of the most crucial life skills that a person must possess. Through a blended learning approach, communication skills of the students undergo a major improvement.

Most importantly, students can learn at their own pace which in turn balances the understanding of subjects among slow and quick learners.

Just like any other mode of education, blended learning has its own problems too. For example, online tools need to be reliable and comfortable to use. It would not be justified to say that blended learning is always the right and better approach to teaching students. However, in the current pandemic scenario, it does have the greater advantage of offering the best when compared to traditional learning.


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