Why you should adopt a pet

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To love and to be loved in return is perfect happiness. This is probably one reason why human beings have a fondness for pets, whose love is selfless. The sight of someone beaming upon buying a pet is simply beautiful indeed. But, how many of us have thought about adopting a pet instead of buying?

Animals at the shelters live there because they either have been abandoned, surrendered or lost. An animal that is adopted gets a new life, a new home and of course lots of love from the new family. Besides, more space becomes available at the shelters when adoption happens frequently. This is favourable to the many animals around us in need of immediate relief.

Every year, over one million dogs, puppies, cats and kittens are euthanized–all because there are not enough homes for them. This points to the pet overpopulation factor. Adopting from a shelter can weaken this factor.

Adoption also means paying less to own a pet. So you see, adopting is not bad as you think.

How adoption benefits you

There is no doubt that a pet can give you unconditional love. So once you adopt a pet, what do you think are the changes you are likely to experience?

Say, you have adopted a dog. This will help to incorporate healthy daily exercise into your schedule. Daily exercise apart from helping the animal, will also deepen the bond between the owner and pet.

Pets have long known to provide companionship. You feel needed and wanted around a pet and your mind gets diverted from problems. Pets are a great source to reduce anxiety and offer comfort.

Older adults

As people age, they tend to feel they have less purpose in life. Adopting a pet from a shelter helps older adults to find meaning and joy in life.

What should you consider?

Adopting a pet is of course a big decision. Just because you love pets, that wouldn’t suffice for your eligibility. Here are some questions that will help you to decide whether you can manage a pet.

Question 1: Yeah, you know you love pets but WHY do you actually want a pet? If your interest is short-lived, that can affect how you adjust with the pet.

Question 2: Do you actually have enough time for a pet? It’s not nice to have a pet and ignore it most of the time.

Question 3: Are you sure you are considering the right pet based on your lifestyle?

Question 4: Do you think you can deal with vet issues and other special problems that a pet normally causes?

Question 5: Are you prepared to keep and care for the pet till its last breath? Pets that are set to be adopted have already tasted loneliness, fear and abandonment at one stage of their lives. So, adopt a pet only if you are very sure you can keep it.

Adopt a pet and be an inspiration for others to do the same thing!

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