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An enterprise at its initial stages of operations are generally termed as start-ups. A product or
service that is in demand in the economy can be developed by an entrepreneur or a group of
entrepreneurs. Start-ups need an idea, a dedicated team to implement that idea and also need
fund for implementation. But these are not enough for establishing them as a stable and
profitable one. Since it is in their initial stage, risk factor is high and they need highly
effective marketing strategies.
Marketing has undergone a rapid change within a short span of time. According to marketers
it happened more within a couple of years than in the past fifty years. The arena of marketing
is now ruling by digital marketing. Most start-ups nowadays adopt and implement digital
The art of marketing has to be implemented finely in start-ups for the well nurturing of it into
an enterprise. Digital marketing is the popular way of effective marketing in today’s world
which reigning by smart phones and internet. Many digital marketing channels are there
which can be used for variety of start-ups. For the better reach it is essential to elect and
associate the right digital marketing channels and strategies.
Best Digital Marketing Strategies
1) Social Media Marketing
This could be one among the best digital marketing strategies and inculcating better
reach to the society as social media becoming the most important platform for
majority in the globe. The impact of social media marketing is high and this could
turn the start-ups into an effective profitable firm. The social media marketing
platforms are:
 Facebook
 Twitter
 Snapchat
 Instagram
 linkedIn
2) Email Marketing
Email marketing can be considered as the most significant and cost effective digital
marketing practise that could be an essential part in growth of start-ups. Email
marketing could deliver premier Return On Investment.
3) SEO Marketing
Search Engine Optimization plays a decisive role in increasing traffic to your website.
When a client searches for a keyword related to your product or any services, your
website ranks high in search results and it will leave a reputable healthy impression on
your company. Consistently keeping track on it will increase the chances of
improving your business.
4) Search Engine Marketing
SEM is also an important digital marketing strategy. We can advertise on search
engine and can have more exposure.
5) Influencer Marketing

Effective and inexpensive digital marketing technique. It helps to gain trust and
customers. We can hire popular or less popular influencers to promote our brand.
Affiliate Marketing is also coming under this section. We can recruit affiliates for
our brand.
6) Content Marketing
Highly effective strategy which will help to grow the start-ups. By providing catchy
content related to your product or service you can improve your business and
customers. It will give you long lasting results. It is also helpful for SEO marketing.
7) Viral Marketing

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Going viral on the internet is the best ever method as far as a new firm is concerned.
Viral marketing can make the enterprise an overnight success. It’s a blend of all kind
of digital marketing techniques that means, it also can be a viral content.
8) YouTube Marketing
It is one of the popular search engine around the globe. Millions of active users are
there in YouTube. So many brands are using this as a digital marketing platform.
9) Retargeting Ads
The potential customer has to be convinced with product or service that you
introducing to them. Relevant ads can be used for this. When your customer visits
their interested website, it is cookied and when the customer visits other websites, the
retargeting platform is notified and served with relevant ads on the pages.
10) Referral Marketing
Launching a referral program would be a great idea to notify your brand for your
A lot of strategies are there for digital marketing. In order to promote the product or service
that you wanted to implement as a venture, you have to pick up any of the digital marketing
strategy as per your way of interest and according to what the firm needs. The unique idea of
each start-up should strike the customer with the effort that you put in digital marketing
which will improve your stability and profit as well.

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