The Best coffee shops in Kochi/Cochin

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Below given are the best coffee shops in Kochi or Cochin

1.Tea pot cafe

One of the Liveliest café in Fort Kochi is the famous  Tea pot café with a distinct burnt off yellow walls and a look of travelling back in time. The cafés as dozens of kettles from ancient times kept all over the place. The atmosphere is quiet and comfortable and you can relax in a corner and read a book as you sip one of the many types of teas which they offer.

2.Coffee cube


An Old café in a very famous location in near Convent Junction Marine drive in Kochi.
Coffee Cube is an excellent little nook. It’s not very crowded Try Espresso, a single shot
Experience. Don’t forget to ask Iced Irish crème coffee blended with Hot coffee and Brown
Sugar topped with thick Ice cream.

3.Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House well know chain in India was started by the coffee cess committee in 1936 the first out let was opened in Mumbai. They have got quite 130  outlets   and 5000 employees spreaded over 20 cities  across  India. 

4.Cafe Bridge In


Amazing very ambience is great and good food. If you are looking for something little different and rustic yet this is right place. Nice café amazing very ambience is great and good food. Coffee and teas were amazing plus fab Omlettes. Super friendly and attentive staff as well Located in Fort Nagar Fort Kochi.

5.Alice Délices French Bakery

Located in Fort nagar rose street Kochi. Specialized for the French. A Lovely little corner of cochin where the caffeine lovers can fin a a nice hot cup of coffee in the early morning @7:00 in the morning .French pastry and a very relaxed atmosphere will do the rest. 


6.Mocha Art Cafe


One of the best places in entire Kochi. If you love coffee, this is a place to go. The coffee here is rated highest review in Kerala. It also provides a hub for all aspiring artists to showcase their art, thus providing a feast for your eyes well.


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