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Ever since Covid-19 barged into the world a year ago, the way how we work has changed. Work-from-home is no longer new in our lives. There are many Best Workation Destinations While many of us have gone back to office, another section of people continue to balance their work and life from their homes. Perhaps, it’s also time to try other modes of carrying out work?

After Covid 19 most of the IT companies working remotely  as a digital nomad  . For the Business prospective there are working spaces available  Like wise  Wi fi  coffee shops  beautiful beaches  etc. Speed Wifi  connection is mandatory  for the extended period of time internet connection high speed work from anywhere.

To Go on a  Best Workation Destinations

Don’t look puzzled already! Best Workation Destinations  is an interesting concept. It comprises work and vacation. You can go take a break somewhere beautiful and calm, but continue to work along with it.

Here are some best workation destinations for your choice in India.


Also known as the ‘Queen of the Hills,’ Mussoorie is situated around 290 km north of New Delhi. It has a solid position among the most popular hill stations of India. You get to experience a delightful nature walk through Camel’s Back Road. The Happy Valley houses a Tibetan temple, which is believed to be the first Tibetan temple constructed in India.

The weather in Mussoorie is generally bright and clear, time to visit  June to August when monsoon breathes its beauty to create an amazing view and is the best workation destinations .There is no words to say about the natural beauty. Its really inspiring  to see  and time to relax as well


This is an ancient village situated in the south Indian state of Karnataka. The historic town has been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also the ‘World’s largest open-air museum,’ and is spread over an area of around 29 sq. km. The best time to visit Hampi is during the months of October to March and when the climate is very pleasant and cool for outdoor sightseeing  and its a dream destination and its the best workation destinations .

Hampi was the capital city of the extremely beautiful capital of Vijayanagara Empire. The place fell to the Muslim rulers of the Deccan back in 1565. Though now Hampi holds the ruins of the historical monuments, just a stroll is enough to be absolutely fascinated by the ruins.


If you are looking for a place perfect to be in harmony with nature, then this place in West Bengal is for you. The mountain Kanchenjunga towers over the sky and the place is blanketed by green plantations of tea. and is the perfect Best workation destinations. Darjeeling is home to the ‘Darjeeling Himalayan Railway’ where the century-old steam engine exists. Best time to visit Darjeeling is from  april to june. Couples ideally prefer to visit the winter months from October to Decemmber .Darjeeling is full of natural beauty and its dream destination to visit.


Situated in Himachal Pradesh, India, this place is ideal for nature lovers as well as solace-seekers. If you would love a bit of adventure along with your work, Manali is good news for you and its the best workation destinations . The place is popular for adventure sports like skiing, hiking, mountaineering, paragliding and rafting. Manali is most pleasant and comfortable during the summer when the temperature lies somewhere around 22°-30° Celsius. Ideal time to visit is from  October  to February and if you like the  cold January is the best season the enjoy the snowfall and its dream destination to visit. 

Think well

When choosing a place for going on a best workation destinations, consider the following factors:

One, the chosen location is peace and quiet!

Second, it provides the benefit of low cost of living.

And the most important thing, good internet access.

If you do not want your best workation destinations ending as a ‘disaster’, see to it that you plan your time. You need to decide how many hours/days you would work and also the time you would spend exploring the place.

So, when are you planning a best workation destinations this year??

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