Indian expats life after returning from Abroad

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Life of Indian expats


Indians coming to Gulf will not miss fellow country men because will find many Indian expats around you in gulf. Likewise you also have people from other countries which gives you different perspectives on issues not the case in India. In Gulf will not miss our food from home, a big salute to many Desi Restaurants. Indian expats life after returning from abroad quality and quantitative wise will be different. I have seen a steady increase in quality of the Indian goods over the time because they are yet to match the quality.


Various Cuisines

First various cuisines in GULF are really good say if it is Lebanese food therefore the food prepared is by Lebanese people. Compared to that, the different cuisines you get in India tastes quite fake. Unless you are ready to burn hole in your pocket going to a 5 Star Hotel’s restaurant. If you see the other side of the coin, authentic Indian stuff like Chaat, like you can truly enjoy only in India.

Second apart from the regular meals – you’ll be somewhat disappointed with the snacks too – like the chocolates and chips you were used to in Gulf. Luckily there are certain shops in major cities that exclusively sell snacks important from Middle East, at a premium rate.

With lot of unemployment in India those who return from abroad find it difficult to get a suitable position. However if they start their own enterprise with their savings in the gulf countries, it will be fine. Aadhar card is the SSN of India. Although it is necessary, but Govt has a very few centers where you can go and apply for it. Believe it or not, you need this every where (literally), no one cares, how this important document is being misused. Time is not far, when a Pani Puri vendor might ask you for it.


To visit the doctor-Major task

Be ready to disrespect time. For eg mentally prepare yourself to get frustrated if you visit a doctor’s office. If you have an appointment at 6:00, you would be the luckiest person on earth, if they see you by 7:00. You would have to wait a lot in queues. Indian Expats life after returning from Abroad initially will be difficult and later will get adjusted according to the situation .


ReInvent your negotiation skills

You would have to negotiate with every alternate person when you are out to get some service or buy a product. Mine was a little rusted, but now I think I have got my Mojo back.India expats life after returning from Abroad need to be expert in negotiating with the merchants while buying any product.



Even though you would not like it, but your DNA will let you Honk. People find enormous joy in honking for no reason. Life after returning from Abroad will get disturbed initially see people honking Ambulances and School buses is common. Everyone is in so much hurry on roads. You need at least 2 weeks to get used to roads and traffic.

Life is heavily dependent on mobile apps like PAYTM, OLA, UBER, shopping apps etc. Forget your peaceful ride to Carrefour/Lulu to buy groceries. Important to notice is that local markets are the most polluted and the best you can do is get a 2 Wheeler to do your local errands if you are in a metro city. Life Indian expats will get adjusted randomly according to the situation rises.


The major changes for Indian expats after coming back

  • Social life is back I don’t check the weather app on my phone everyday before going out.
  • Dust. A lot of it. I need to dust my house everyday in the morning.
  • It’s better to avoid eating outside.
  • Fresh chicken and mutton!
  • A lot and lot of working from home!


If you can get some job with 1/5th savings as compared to gulf, I will suggest to shift back to INDIA. As you will be staying with all your family members or close to them. Travelling to/from your hometown will not require any VISA/Air ticket. Calling anyone will not require internet or specific time, medical will be very cheap, no credit cards and their burden. All the festivals will be festival there, no need to search for parking space, weekends will become special with more colleagues.

First there are a lot of advantages here in gulf as well like money what you get here you are not going to earn the same, low fuel cost, better roads, beaches are a minutes drive away. As an Indian Expats take your decision wisely. Many people regret after taking their decision to shift back to India. Make an imagination what life will be in India and decide on your own.



Traffic in India is hectic .There are no rules ,no lane discipline. You literally have to read the minds of everyone around you. The drivers in your front, back, left, right, the motorists,the children on the footpath, the cow on the road simultaneously.Its being quite stressful to drive in Indian roads.The first few weeks on Indian roads for NRI would remind them of the american roller coaster rides.



As per FEMA, you are resident from day 1 of return. Therefore, you cannot make investments as an NRI (person resident outside India). Similarly, you cannot hold bank accounts that only an NRI can own.

You must inform your bank about the change in your residential status. Indian Expats NRO/NRE Account/deposit must be re-designated as resident rupee account (savings account or fixed deposit).

FCNR and NRE deposits can be closed immediately or can be allowed to maturity. However, you must re-designate your NRE FD as a resident FD. If you choose to continue till maturity, you will get the contracted rate of interest until maturity. Premature withdrawals/closure will attract penalty as per terms of the deposit.

For FCNR deposits and NRE account/deposit, you also have an option to transfer the balance to a Resident Foreign Currency Account (RFC). No penalty is payable for premature withdrawal of NRE/FCNR accounts in such cases.


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