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The city entitled kumbakonam is better known for mythological stories and temples. The city is in the Thanjavur district which is in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.The city is circumscribed by a couple of rivers, the Kaveri River to the north and to the south the Arasalar River.

A delightful temple town, well-known for its historic Hindu locations of worship, Pilgrims and travellers who desire to witness the big temples of India must come here. Some of them are:

  • Adi Kumbeswara temple
  • Nageswaran temple
  • Mahamaham tank
  • Sarangapani temple
  • Airavateswara temple
  • Brahma temple
  • Kasi Viswanath temple etc.
  • Tiruvidaimarudur Conservation Reserve
  • Raja Raja Cholan’s Memorial

The holy metropolitan area is likewise famous for the Kumba Mahamaham held every 12 years. Pilgrims come from all around the country to take a sacred dip in the Mahamaham tank which is deemed to wipe away all of the sins committed inside the lifespan.

The city is eminent for silk commodities, electrical stuffs and prominent instructional establishments other than holistic sites.

Adi Kumbeswara temple supposed to be constructed in seventh century A.D by Cholas. It is considered to be the oldest siva temple in the town and it houses a unique siva lingam. It is famous for its magnificent architecture and characteristic style of cholas.

Nageswaran temple primarily constructed as a chariot. It is a mark of genius chola architecture. The special architectural style possess that it will let in sunlight only during the month of March and April.

Mahamaham Tank carries great religious importance for south Indians. Millions of pilgrims from all over the country gather, once in every twelve years to take a dip during mahamaham festival, as the water considered as holy water.

Sarangapani temple located on the banks of river Kaveri. The ancient temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu. The temple is rich with its art, the sculptures and images. It has the tallest tower in the town. This location would be one of the best choice for the pilgrims and visitors to know the heritage of the city.

Airavateswara temple is a UNESCO world heritage site. This temple is believed to be built by Rajaraja chola II in 12th century CE. The temple is presided by the lord siva and it is one of the eighteen medieval era temples in kumbakonam.

Kashi viswanath temple is a piece of chola architecture, a beautiful contribution to house the deities of all the river goddesses in hindu mythology. It is linked with mahamaham festival. This is a specific spot for the visitors.

The town is well known for its historic prettiness and also for architectural prominence. It is a perfect place for the shopping as well. Several markets which are renowned for their ethnic products. The kumbakonam degree kappi is a well-known product. Tourists can buy remembrance from here as a memoir of the trip.

Swamimalai swaminathaswamy temple, Thenupuriswarar temple, Suryanar koil temple etc. are also the major attractions of the small town Kumbakonam. The city is rich in its art and culture which we can perceive the dotted temples in Kumbakonam. The south Indian state Tamil Nadu draws attention of many travellers and Kumbakonam is one among the beautiful spot that illustrates rich heritage of south Indian architecture and portrays history that we had, especially about Cholas. This is a best choice for the sightseers to enjoy and explore their cherished period.


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