Rising Significance Of Health Insurance During Pandemic Times

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As the name suggests, an insurance policy is the sum of money set aside for emergencies or tax benefits. Health Insurance is one such important insurance that covers the medical expenses of an individual or family. Earlier, compared to other insurances, medical health insurance was unpopular due to its limited benefits. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the old mindset pushing people to apply for health insurance to ensure the medical safety of their families. It also has encouraged health insurance companies to adapt to new medical needs altogether, especially in the UAE.

About Health Insurance

Health insurance comes in handy during emergency medical expenses, hospitalization, and more. Most health insurances are of 2 types: individual and group. Individual medical policies are for people who live independently and wish to possess basic health policies. Group policies are for family, or larger groups where more than two people want to apply the same procedure. Nowadays, people invest in kids’ health insurance to protect their children’s medical needs as well. Basic medical insurance policies will cover dental care, hospitalization charges cover, maternity care, post-delivery care, etc.

Importance Of Health Insurance During The Pandemic

In 2020, the world witnessed a global outbreak of coronavirus that hospitalized millions of people around the globe. The medical industry struggled to cope with the effects of the pandemic. The results of the outbreak put a lot of attention on the medical and healthcare industry. The pandemic led to the increase in the importance of healthcare, including investment in medical insurance.

Before the pandemic, most people would avoid investing in health policies, but things have changed due to the recent pandemic. Many people could not handle the high prices of medical treatment during COVID-19. It crippled many families and made medical care a luxury. Therefore, many people worldwide, including the UAE, now understand the benefits of investing in health policies. Some of the main benefits of medical insurance are:

  • It offers assistance and relief in times of urgent medical expenses.
  • It provides cover for critical illnesses.
  • It comes with tax benefits.
  • It helps you save money on medical treatment with time.

In addition to the benefits, the health insurance industry is witnessing a significant change in UAE since the pandemic. Insurance policies aim to cover mental health treatment and other wellness treatments now. Stress-induced sickness has increased globally, affecting society as a whole. A health insurance quote incorporates therapy and other practices in the package for the customers. Including these treatments makes health insurance policies more beneficial to people and the country. Arabian Business, a popular news portal, reported that by 2024 UAE’s health insurance market would touch US$7.1 billion. Such growth is only possible if people continue to invest in insurances.

With continuous interest in health policies, the insurance market will offer solutions at a competitive price to its people. Contact a health insurance broker for the best insurance plan at the correct cost for your family immediately.


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