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The complete harmony of mind and body lies in health. The greatest wealth of human can be
coined as health itself. So all are conscious about their life and their health. Overweight always
seems to be a matter of concern in everyone’s life. The prerequisite need of human is to be
healthy and physically fit. For this people need to be alert about everything that connects health
and body. Obesity is one of the major and most common form of health issue that could be
confronted with almost all hominid after a particular age.
weight loss can be appeared challenging for someone. But by proper knowledge and guidance,
it would definitely be turned into a cakewalk for those who wants to lead a happy and healthy
life. Following a healthy lifestyle is the primary step that one should take. Weight can be
influenced by many things, like amount of food or fat that you consume, the fluid fluctuations
etc. depending on what you consume. There are many ways and tips that you can follow for
weight loss.
1. Diet
The most familiar word that an obese person has ever come across would be ‘diet’. If
someone did this without proper knowledge and guidance, it may lead to some other
health issues. Calorie deficit is required for weight loss. We need as much as calorie
that we needed to our body to function well and good, but it should not consume more
than that needed. That is eating too much calorie can keep you from losing weight, but
on the other hand consuming too few calories can reduce metabolism and can have
health issues. So when you are playing with the term “Diet”, you must be well aware
about what kind of food should be included in your diet plan, how much amount you
have to include and what not to include.
• Drink plenty of water
• Reduce amount of oil while cooking food
• Add healthy fats in diet
• Eat more fibre
• Increase protein intake
• Consume more vegetables and fruits
2. Workout
Weight loss predominantly means loss of some muscle mass and fat as well. Restricting
calories without workout or exercise can cause loss of more muscle mass. Resistance
training can be performed to promote weight loss. Lifting weight is one of the example.
• Choose a workout that you think you will enjoy
• Walking
• Cycling
• Using the stairs
3. Yoga
Yoga for weight loss demand the aspects of exercise and healthy diet. Your body and
mind can have devastating effect due to stress. Yoga can help you to deal with the state
of stress.
Yoga can have both physical benefit and stress management is also combined with it in
order to maintain good health, physically and mentally. Some of the yoga poses that
helps to reduce weight or which helps in weight loss are:
• Sun salutation pose
• Plank pose
• Warrior pose
• Triangle pose
• Shoulder stand pose
Certain lifestyle changes can surely benefit you in weight loss procedures. It may be a task, but
by making tiny amends in your lifestyle and in your daily plans. The tiresome and exhausting
exercise may make you feel arrogant with the process of weight loss. But the simple workouts
like using stairs, simple few steps walk etc. doing it regularly for a fixed time period, that is
make it as a part of your life, can make great changes in weight loss process. Good health is
above wealth. As the proverb says, get rid of the issues of obesity, weight loss tips which are
applied in your life will definitely benefit you to lead a better healthy life

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