why do we feel drowsy after lunch


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You have enjoyed a heavy meal or light salad for lunch and is back at your desk slagging in for the day to get over. Tens minutes into the cabin you feel that messy desk feels so comfy for a lite nap and extremely comfy if the time didn’t run so fast.

Have you wondered why do you feel drowsy after lunch?there are lot of reasons energy levels types of foods post meal fatigue.

Is that a sign that either you are full or you are doing it all wrong?

Let me make it easier for you.

There are a few reasons why we experience the post-lunch sag but mainly is because of the energy our body uses for digestion after all that lunch-hogging. Even though it doesn’t feel like, our bodies use a huge amount of energy to cut that into fuel or glucose to restrain energy for our body. Large portions and consumption of few fatty meals of choice can leave your body to work overtime draining the energy to break that quantity of food. It is always better to listen to your hunger-panks before you dive into a quantitative meal.

Health experts’ states that we feel sleepy because of the amount of “insulin” released from meals, which triggers the ‘happy’ & ‘sleep’ hormones in our body. On excess production of insulin, specially from sugary foods, Tryptophan, an amino acid moves into the brain to produce neurotransmitters, Serotonin & Melatonin, popular for their calming effect and regulating sleep. Mind you, this process happens within seconds but takes up a lot of energy. This is why having carbohydrates on a busy work day is asked to be completely avoided.

Though all the food is digested in pretty much the same way, some food may differ on how they affect your body. For instance, food like eggs, cherries are said to affect melatonin, which is responsible for inducing sleep.

Are you wondering how can we compensate a drowsy morning?

We have sorted out few methods that you can practice in order to be ecstatic even after a happy meal.

  1. Eat Smaller meals throughout the day.

A larger meal takes the whole energy of your body to cut it down, instead take smaller meals through out the day. That way you would be less hungry and merrier.

  1. Don’t Skip your meals

Be it a protein bar on a busy run or a fibrous cereal, never skip your meals. Skipping meals can make you more tired and no body wants to have a tired morning.

  1. Exercise

Instead of spending your post-lunch time idle, walk your work. Exercise can speed up your body metabolism keeping you full of energy.

  1. Have Iron-Rich Food

Food rich in iron increases your blood level making sure to carry oxygen throughout the body. This increases your energy and in turn helps your body to function.

  1. Hydrate

Keep yourself hydrated before and after a heavy meal. This would lessen your food intake and also proper functioning of body keeping the drowsiness away.

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