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Isn’t it overwhelming how a four-legged Woof welcomes your home after a busy day at work? At that moment, everything in the universe showers love to you in the form of licks and tails.
But, have you ever wondered why that commitment is so special to us that any human commitment?
One answer is that there’s this satisfaction — stroking a dog or a cat causes hormone to be released and makes the person doing it feel good. you’ll trace that back to the very ancient history as hairy primates. Grooming each other would be main glue that holds most primate societies together. Now we’ve got other ways of socializing, but somewhere deep in our brains may be a must do that grooming of something that’s hairy, and that we can satisfy that by petting a dog or combing the cat.
We even have to clarify why it’s persisted when we’d have more cash if we didn’t have pets. Those that were seen to be good with animals were more accepted by people in their tribe, and there may have even been some selection for brides and grooms supported affinity with animals. Second, domestication of animals has been a really important aspect of the emergence of what we call civilization. But it’s actually naturally impossible because to domesticate an animal you’ve got to vary its genetics. Even nowadays that takes many generations. The sole way you’ll account for the separation of livestock from their wild ancestors, and also the only way they stopped interbreeding, is because the kennel, that were slightly tamer, were people’s pets and were physically and emotionally and culturally separated. So, we had the emergence of a dog, which is beneficial, a true cat, which might be useful because it hunts around houses, and goats and sheep that you simply can herd and milk. Pet-keeping became a bonus, because the societies that were good at it and wanted to try to it domesticated animals before other neighbouring societies and groups of individuals.
Bradshaw, an honorary researcher at the University of England once said in his book, that the bond we have with pets is not because they are useful, not because they are cute and definitely not because they will help us in living longer the health experts suggest. Instead, he stated, pet-keeping is an intrinsic part of human nature, one rooted deeply in our own species’ evolution.
There is evidence that interacting with pets does reduce people’s stress, provided the pet is behaving properly. Good interactions do have quite profound effect, causing changes in oxytocin and in beta endorphins. Those are actual changes occurring within the body of someone who is patting a friendly dog.
The trustworthiness that a pet give to people is impeccable. Have you noticed how a man with a friendly dog becomes more trustworthy in the eyes of people? Often, people are believed when they say nice stories about people, like there is no doubt about it. This is the trustworthiness-effect, and it explains a lot why pets are used for therapies.
The next time you see a furry friend, share your WOOF!! With them.

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