5 ways to Protect Eyes from computer screens and mobile phone

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Now a days people are more addicted to Mobile phone and Computer screen.

Using a mobile phone and computer screen for such a long time can increase the Eye strain & Blurry vision .


Staring at a mobile phone and computer screen all day long will lead to eye strain or tired of eyes. TRY to minimize the mobile lighting or brightness of the screen so that it does not creates a glare on the screen.


There are Five ways to protect eyes from mobile and computer screen

  1. Take good care of your Eye


While using Mobile phone /Computer many people often blink less which can lead to dry eyes.


2_Mobile phone /Computer


The term Twenty -twenty is commonly used by the Eye specialist to relate perfect vision.

If you are on the computer screen for 20 mins make sure your are getting up and then off for 20 as well.

If you are on the mobile phone ,then it will be 10/10 , so if you are on the phone for 10- minutes ,be off for 10.

Usually all the mobile the extra glare on the computer screen will make your eyes work harder .Main cause of glare is the natural light coming through a window, you can move the computer out of the light or close the blinds. Blink often to refresh your eyes,


3. Major tips for computer

Check the lighting and reduce the glare

many computer professionals work long time on computer with out break .People dont blink eyes. Always blink often to refresh eyes.

Most people blink less than usual while working on a computer which can lead to dry eyes.

Adjust your screen settings


4. Keep always some distance from face


if your face really too close to your Laptop screen or Computer screen your eyes will have to strain too focussed . Always keep your computer just below your eye level and about 25 to 27 inches away from your eyes.


5>Regular Eye Test

Every ones eyes are different .Do Regular Eye test that helps to keep in check and ensure that our problems don’t elevate further .

Keep healthy eye habits and if you are struggling with eye problem you need make your life style changes accordingly .Main thing is to cut down the use of your computer screen especially before the bed time.



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