Bitcoin’s cryptocurrency bull market end next month?

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Bitcoin’s cryptocurrency investment’s  is one of the most demanding and widely accepted investment method.  It is considered as the first widely-adopted cryptocurrency in the world. It help the people to send money   securely and directly each other as digital money on the internet. Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin a pseudonymous person or team who prepared the technology in 2008. Bitcoin is digital money that enable for secure peer-to-peer transactions on the internet.

How Bitcoin works?

Bitcoins cryptocurrency is not owned by an individual or company like credit card networks   and payment processors like Paypal. It is the world’s first completely open payment network anyone can participate with an internet connection. Bitcoin was created to be used on the internet, and doesn’t work with banks or private companies to process transactions.

One of the most important elements of bitcoin is which tracks who owns what, similar to how a bank tracks assets. What makes the bitcoin blockchain apart from a bank’s ledger is that it is decentralized,   anyone can see   and no single entity manage it.

Where does Bitcoin come from?

Bitcoin is virtually ‘made’ by a vast network of computers that are regularly verifying and maintaining the accuracy of the blockchain. Every single bitcoin transaction is projected on that ledger, with new details periodically joined together in a “block,” which is added to all the blocks that came before.

How to get Bitcoin?

The simple way to buy bitcoin is to purchase   via an online exchange like Coin base. Coin base makes it simple to buy, sell, send, receive, and store bitcoin without required to hold it yourself using something called public and private keys.

How to purchase bitcoin, with Coin base CEO Brian Armstrong?

However, if you wish to buy and store bitcoin outside of an online exchange, find as below.

  1. People a who are joining the bitcoin network is issued a public key, which is a long string of letters and numbers that you can think of like an email address, and a private key, which is  similar  to a password.
  2. When you buy bitcoin—or send/receive it—you access a public key, which you can think of as a key that  opens a virtual vault and gives you access to your digital money.
  3. Anybody can do transaction of  bitcoin to you via your public key, but only the holder of the private key can get the bitcoin in the “virtual vault” once it’s been transfer.
  4. You can store bitcoin with online and off. The easiest way is a virtual wallet.

5.  If you wish  to send money from your virtual wallet to a bank account after selling your bitcoin, the Coin base application help you to do a easiest transaction of  funds from one bank to another .Similar to bank transfers or ATM withdrawals exchanges like coin base set a daily limit of withdrawals and it may take between couple of days and a week for the transaction to be finished .

What makes Bitcoin a new kind of money in the digital world?

Bitcoin is universal: People can send it across the planet in an easy way as you can pay with cash in the physical world. The transaction will not give you any loss like fee to access your money, and doesn’t impose any arbitrary limits.

Bitcoin is irreversible: Bitcoin is like currency, in the sense that transactions cannot be reversed by the sender.  Credit cards, banking and transactions conventional online payment methods   can be reversed after the payment has been made—sometimes months after the initial transaction—due to the centralized intermediaries that finish the transactions.  .

Bitcoin is private: There is no bank statements when paying with bitcoin or any need to provide unnecessary personal details to the merchant. Bitcoin transactions don’t includes any identifying details other than the bitcoin addresses and amounts included.

Bitcoin is secure: Because of the cryptographic nature of the Bitcoin network, bitcoin payments are   more secure than standard credit or debit card transactions.    It is does not required any sensitive information when making a bitcoin payment. Here the risk is very low.

Bitcoin is open:  All transaction on the Bitcoin network is revelled publicly, without exception.  It stops the chances for manipulation of transactions or changing the delivery of bitcoin. The software that form the core of Bitcoin is free and open-source so anyone can verify the code.

Bitcoin is safe:  It is going to be more than ten years of existence, the bitcoin network has never been    hacked. And because the system is open-sourced and permission less, number of computer scientists and cryptographers have been able to control all aspects of the network and its security.

How to Choose a Good Exchange?

You should opt an ideal crypto exchange   which is simple, flexible and accessible to its users. There are many platforms with highly technical in nature. Platforms like CoinSwitch Kuber are designed for retail investors with simple technical process.

How to buy Bitcoins in India?

You can   buy bitcoins from some trusted Bitcoin web application. There are many apps to buy Bitcoins like UnoCoin, Zebpay, Coin Secure etc. You can select a best   platform to buy them from is another task.

What is the minimum amount need to buy Bitcoins in India?

Today one bitcoin costs you somewhere around 24 lacks. But you need not buy one Bitcoin to start investing with. You can begin with buying a part of the Bitcoin.  You can go with the   minimum amount that is needed to begin investment.

What are the legal formalities to buy Bitcoins in India?

Firstly, you are required to get yourself KYC verified. You should    submit your PAN card and a valid address proof with bank account.

The recent Bitcoin trends has brought about a stir in the world market.  It is ensuring good return from the investment so   retail investors are investing in this new asset class now more than ever. Around a couple of years back, buying or selling Bitcoin may have called like a tedious job, match only for techies. Today, the situation has completely changed. Many upcoming start-ups such as Coin Switch Kuber in the crypto space and venture capitalists are looking to fund such start-ups, trying to make invest in Bitcoin.

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