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Unconventional within the conventional; new trends in email marketing

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What is Email Marketing? A brief history

Email marketing is the action of sending a mass message to a large group of people for commercial purposes. The first email marketing message was sent out in 1978 by Gary Thuerk, a Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corp. Ever since then, email marketing trends has evolved to a large extent. Hence its evolution has given rise to numerous marketing trends.

The purpose of conventional email marketing is to attract direct action from the consumers. For instance, Newsletters and receipts of purchases are some of the booming online marketing emails in the world. As a result, these emails keep the consumer informed and help businesses to maintain the consumer’s interest.

Email Marketing in the 21st Century

In the initial years, many consumers found it troublesome to receive numerous marketing emails in their mailboxes. Various countries worldwide passed laws to protect consumers’ interests and regulate online marketing. Besides the rules enforced by law, the change in the social culture of the world also influenced the transformation of email marketing trends.

Since its inception, trends in email marketing have taken an unconventional turn. After that companies started focussing on the content, optimizing it for smooth reading, and making it consumer-friendly. As technology advances, the market also changes. Some of the online marketing trends changed the way consumers experienced marketing—for example, the addition of images provided visual-aid to the emails, increasing the consumers’ curiosity. BlackBerry and Apple created a way for emails and HTML images to be accessible on mobile phones. In addition to these unconventional changes, new trends in email marketing have become popular in 2021. Let us have a look at them.

Best email marketing trends in 2021:

  1. Engage consumers to grow brand loyalty

Email marketing is the best way to engage consumers to buy a service. Adding good images and transparent steps to purchase services helps consumers understand a brand better and stay loyal.

  1. Personalize the email

Consumers appreciate personalized emails that help them feel engaged. To do so, companies must use automated tools to personalize responses and increase user interaction.

  1. Accessibility of the email

To facilitate a smooth experience, companies must optimize their online marketing content to various devices. A consumer will enjoy reading a promotional message if it is comfortable for them to read.

  1. Make interactive email

One of the best ways to increase a consumer’s interest is to make it interactive. Including surveys, polls, quizzes in the email encourage the consumer to give their personal views. It also helps companies to understand their consumers better.

  1. Privacy-centred email

In this age of social media, the internet records all our movements and actions. Consumers would feel safer if their privacy is protected. For this, companies must make sure to use privacy-friendly online marketing tools to increase their user interaction.

Email marketing is fundamental to promote a business. Indeed, there will be new trends in online marketing every year.  Online Marketing is a dynamic field; hence, it will continue to evolve in various ways. As consumers, we should wait and watch.

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