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Maldives can be coined as a paradise of travellers or tourists. This popular tourist destination is located in the Indian Ocean, south west of Sri Lanka and India. Officially Maldives known as Republic of Maldives. A chain of 1192 islands located in south west of Sri Lanka and India constitutes Maldives. All these islands are tiny. Maldives is an independent country which have very less population. Major economic activity here is tourism. Apart from that fishing and construction are also there. But majority of the country’s economy depends on tourism. 

Maldives, the home for thousands of coral islands is the perfect destination for holidaymakers. The white sandy beaches, crystalline lagoons, blooming reef fishes, palm fringed islands and water villas are extremely popular across the world. One could explore a plethora of tourism attractions here in Maldives. 

  • Male
  • The Muraka-Conrad
  • Banana reef
  • Maldives glowing beach
  • Baros island
  • Hulhumale beach
  • Addu Atoll
  • Maafushi
  • Artificial beach

Male is the capital city of Maldives. The city is rich in a number of attractions which include scenic park, heritage museum etc. the nature lovers can enjoy the perfect sceneries, the adventure lovers can enjoy diving, swimming, fishing etc., the shopping lovers can explore male market which will give you an enthralling experience. 

Addu atoll seems to be the Maldives’ southernmost atoll. Beautiful islands including Gan island included in Addu atoll. Other attractions here are Hithadhoo island, Meedhoo island, Maradhoo island etc. Tourists prefer this attractive place mainly for diving, snorkelling and also to interact with the people who live in this area in order to know more about the ethnic culture of those people. 

Maafushi is one of the main tourist attraction in Maldives. This place claims a treasured elegance of colorful corals and fishes. This area is famous for shark diving, scuba diving and dolphin safari. The island Maafushi is located in Kaafu Atoll.

North Male atoll is attractive because of the presence of Artificial beach. The evenings of this Artificial beach is stunning with the music bands that come to this place and their performance. Manta point, Shark point, Kani corner etc. are some of the places of Artificial island.

The Muraka is a two level undersea villa. One could enjoy luxury facilities and can experience a style of living which include dining, sleeping, spa, fitness trainer and water activities so on and so forth. 

Banana reef which is rich in the exotic beauty of colourful coral reefs, majestic cliffs. This is also spotted in north male atoll. This place drives the divers from across the world. A perfect hub for divers. Calm currents, accommodating temperature, excellent visibility all constitutes the speciality of banana reef. 

Maldives Glowing Beach is a picture-perfect attraction for the travellers. The fluorescent glowing waves are natural and phenomenal. This natural phenomenon happens due to the presence of marine microbes and phytoplankton.

Baros island is popular for its sunny beaches, resorts etc. water villas and restaurants are also there. The cyan blue water could be the most elegant treat for our eyes. 

Kanuhura island, Rangali island, Gan osland, Male market, island bazar, under sea restaurant etc. are some other attractions that Maldives holds. Islamic centre– architectural marvel, National Art Gallery built in 1999, Grand Friday Mosque– famous religious place for spiritual seekers, National Museum dedicated to 74 lives lost in 2004 tsunami etc. remains some of the specific charm of Maldives. 

The leisure seekers, adventure makers and travellers finding extreme glory in visiting Maldives. Exploring Maldives could be an unforgettable treat for those who step in to this marvellous country which happens to be a treasure in tourist destinations.

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