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The eCommerce business has become highly lucrative in the last few years. Many companies open their online store to sell their services to customers worldwide. Shopify is an eCommerce giant that houses more than 1,700,000 eCommerce businesses. Set up the next shopify store and join the eCommerce market.

How To Set Up A Shopify Store?

Setting up an online store on Shopify is not tricky. It involves few simple steps that will make the process fast. People with minimum technical skills can also complete these steps without any trouble. Shopify provides various features and tools to set up the best store. Setup your store using these three steps:

  • Choose A Theme

Choose a theme from the available options and customize it to your preferences. These functions are accessible for people who have no experience using these features.

  • Add  Your Products

Add your products to the store. Compliment the product with a good picture and description of the product. This is the most critical step in the process.

  • Set Up Online Payment

Set up the online payment services to officially start your shopify store. Adding proper payment gateways helps to make the purchase process smooth.

How To Create A Website With Shopify?

Besides setting up an online store, entrepreneurs can also create a website under Shopify. An eCommerce website under Shopify will help entrepreneurs to conduct business through their site. The steps to set up a website are simple and beneficial to an entrepreneur. Here are the steps to make a site on Shopify.

  1. Create A Design For The Store

Shopify offers 70+ themes to choose from for the ecommerce website. There are various tools available to customize the theme and make the best site for your eCommerce business.

  1. Add Payment Services

Setup payment services for the customers; this will make the website more accessible.

  1. Get Hosting Web Service

Acquiring web hosting services helps you host the site with no limitations. Web hosting services assist in reaching more customers on the internet.

  1. Get Marketing Services

Shopify provides entrepreneurs with digital marketing solutions to advertise their company in the best way. Choose the services that are best suited to your company.  

Why Shopify?

Unlike most industries, Shopify didn’t suffer a loss during COVID-19, but instead, it flourished significantly. Shopify stock chart improved further, giving it an immense success during the pandemic. The pandemic only made Shopify more popular and reliable. Many eCommerce businesses started partnering with Shopify ever since the breakout.

Shopify is growing steadily with time. With most new companies going virtual, the need for eCommerce services as Shopify has increased. So, be part of the growth and set up your online store on Shopify.

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