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What can a Master’s Degree in Social Work Do for Your Career?

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Are you a graduate in Social Work? Or a current student of Social Work? Or are you planning to pursue this career? Then this question must have popped in your mind at some point or the other, “What can a Master’s Degree in Social Work do? Is it worth your career and its advancement? Let us try to answer this question with facts, reasons, and statistics.

The career as a social worker is more of a service than it is counted as a pure profession, this is why social workers are considered as someone who brings positive changes, hope, and new meaning to the life of others, mostly the unprivileged or underprivileged sections of our society. Rather interestingly, this is a major reason why many still don’t consider social work as a choice of profession.

If you are a social worker or are planning to become one, then the first thing you should learn is that it is a field where compassion, love, and sympathy for others is valued more than competitive spirit, and where helping the needy is valued over time-crunching deadlines.

However, social work is a profession which you can work on, with standard job security and salary like any other profession. This is where the importance of a Master’s Degree in Social Work or MSW is counted. In this field, you can choose from a variety of different career options such as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), a school social worker, a child and family social worker, or a health care social worker. Many of these jobs are also open to those with just an undergraduate degree in social work. So, here are the reasons why considering an MSW proves to be great for your career as a social worker.

You get the option to specialize in social work through an MSW program. This lets you understand the branch of study more deeply. Specializations in MSW programs include;

  • Family & Child Welfare
  • Personnel Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Relation & Labour Welfare
  • Criminology & Correction Administration
  • Urban and Rural Community Development

Being a Master’s Degree holder in social work prepares you for clinical work. This enables you to work in the position of an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) with the eligibility of having a master’s degree.

Like any other career path, having a Master’s in Social Work opens up a whole new world of opportunities for you. You will be eligible for better opportunities and a higher pay scale than a bachelor’s degree holder. This also ensures that you are preferred over them, as you possess more knowledge, skill set, and specialization. It is a booster for your resume and the probability of you being the better-preferred candidate increases drastically.

Case studies conducted in this field also point out that people with an MSW degree enter immediately to the job market and a majority of them are hired in the line of work they preferred with standard salary packages. If you are passionate about the line of work and at the same time are looking for ways to improve your career, a Master’s in Social Work is the best option for your next step.

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