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Lakshadweep is the smallest union territory in India. Even though the name talks about Lakhs
of islands, it actually consists of 36 islands. All these islands are well known for its exotic
beaches and greenery. The capital of Lakshadweep is Kavaratti, which is one of the major
tourist attraction of this island group. The people living here, their lifestyle, culture and
ethnicity are unique from those who living in the mainland India.
Lakshadweep can be normally gain access from Cochin in Kerala. As we all know
Lakshadweep keeps a great touch with Cochin, even it shares the High court with Cochin,
Kerala. In many of the situations Lakshadweep people depends on Cochin. Be it in the field of
education, health and whatever it may be. So one could start the voyage by cruising from
Cochin to the beautiful land of Lakshadweep to explore the water, sand, seascape and coral
reefs etc. in the island.
A thriving eco system is awaiting there for the nature lovers. Perfect beaches, splendid seascape
and the flourishing biome in Lakshadweep outshines the glory of the island and makes it a
perfect tourism destination.
The key fascinations of the island Lakshadweep include:
• Ethnic Villages
• Culture shows
• Scuba diving
• Kayaking
• Snorkelling
• Glass Bottom Boat
A cruise from Cochin to Lakshadweep can bring you to the utmost happiness of enjoying each
second of your holiday. It is worth to take a start from the Cochin port to the Lakshadweep in
order to explore the islands. The India’s tiniest Union Territory can offer you many of the
precious experiences by providing the landscape and seascape environment as well. Among
the thirty-six islands, only ten are inhabited by human.
As we stated earlier Lakshadweep is accessed from Cochin, Kerala and it requires a permit to
visit this island group. This permit is needed even for Indian citizens. The permits can be
obtained from Cochin itself. The mystical and attractive island offers a unique tourism
experience for the travellers. A special blend of tourism can be seen here in Lakshadweep. The
remoteness may be the main reason for retaining the beauty of the island. The major attractions
of the island, Lakshadweep are:
• Minicoy island
• Agatti island
• Bangaram Island
• Kavaratti island
• Kalpeny island
Minicoy is a famous island in Lakshadweep. Many passenger ships are there which connects
Cochin with Minicoy. This comprises two islands and it is the southernmost island group.
Luxury Cruise are available from Cochin to Lakshadweep. Sometimes world class packages
are also available from Cochin to this famous tourist destination. The packages from Cochin
may provide five star luxuries to its passengers. From Cochin, public and private cruise are
also available. Most of the packages from Cochin covers almost all important islands of
To travel to the land of Lakshadweep to explore the marvel of the island, you need the permit
from the administrator of the island. This permit is different for Indians and for foreigners.
Foreigners are allowed to visit only few island like Kavaratti.
The ship starts sail from port of Cochin and take you to the best destinations of Lakshadweep.
It is possible for you to avail Government run ships. There are luxury private ships also cruising
from port of Cochin and both sailing would provide you an amazing experience of cruising on
the waters to the most fascinating tourism destination.

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