5 best Ayurveda Hospitals in Kerala

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There is a tremendous global acceptance for Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala. If you are looking for some authentic Ayurveda treatment in Kerala, then we suggest you check out the list of the best Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala.

Today, Kerala has attained the vocation of a global medical tourism destination. Along with enjoying the backwaters, there are international celebrities and tourists visiting this place also to experience the centuries-old traditional massage that is Ayurvedic.


Ayurveda- The science of life in Indian tradition

To offer both rejuvenation programs along with therapeutic programs for various ailments, there are hundreds of centers for Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala. Several tourists are exploited by visiting centers that are run by the unqualified practitioners administering fake Ayurvedic services, unfortunately.

So, what is Ayurveda?

The traditional healing system is based on the righteous belief that both health and wellness mutually depends on a critical balance between the mind, body, and spirit is Ayurveda. Promoting great health through the disciplined treatment mode where there is little place for pleasure is the main goal here. Many of the traditional practitioners of Ayurveda treatment in Kerala offer effective therapeutic services that have very basic facilities in their premises for this reason.

It is almost the same when it comes to the treatment methodologies followed by every genuine center for Ayurveda treatment in Kerala. The doctor determines your body type and the main cause of the disorder in the primary consultation. A personalized treatment is generally scheduled on the basis of the response of the body, as this treatment is tweaked routinely based on the diagnosis.

The following are 5 best noteworthy Ayurveda Hospitals in Kerala:


1. Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala


It was through a visionary physician and philanthropist, late Vaidyaratnam P.S. Varier at Kottakkal in Malappuram district, Kerala, founded this most popular hospital of Kottakal Arya Vaidya Sala in 1902. It has 26 branch clinics all across the country, running three best Ayurveda Hospitals in Kerala and one in Delhi started mainly as a village clinic. In their three units, 550 genuine Ayurvedic medicines are manufactured.

The pre-requisite for health for this center is in believing mental discipline and adherence to moral values. Ayurveda recognizes that the mind is very powerful both in the causation and cure of diseases, according to them. Maintaining positive health and treating diseases is the main objective of Ayurveda treatment here. In their Kottakal premises, there is an Ayurvedic college, research center, museum, and a hospital. The museum epitomizes the history of Ayurveda in the late nineteenth and twentieth-century and also documents the renaissance movement in the field of Ayurveda. To suit a range of budgets, treatment rooms are also available.


2. PVA Ayurvedic Multi-speciality Hospital

It is the hospital that has got Green Leaf Certification from Kerala Tourism, and it is one of the best Ayurveda Hospitals in Northern Kerala. Under the guidance of a very competent team of ayurvedic physicians like DR Abdul Rahman Poilan and well-trained paramedical staff, they practice the age-old tradition of Ayurveda treatment in Kerala.

To delay the process of aging and to improve the quality of life and maintain positive health, rejuvenation therapy has therapeutic potential. Here you get all traditional Ayurvedic therapies like Shirodhara, Kavara Kizhi, Abhyanga, Yoga, and others. It is through the herbal garden that they prepare their own medicines. The PVA School of Ayurvedic Studies is also run by this group.

It is in every room that a decent accommodation facing the backwaters and free wi-fi connection is provided here.


3. Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala




It offers the most effective treatment for a range of disorders, including Paralysis, Osteoarthritis, Slip Disc, Spondylitis, Parkinsonism, Depression, Migraine, sinusitis, skin diseases, and pediatric diseases, as claimed by Vaidyaratnam.

Among the few early established names in Ayurveda treatment in Kerala, the Eledath Thaikkatty family physicians were innovators. To allow your body to absorb the effects of the treatment, they adhere to the Ayurvedic protocol of not indulging in jogging, brisk walking, swimming, or any kind of strenuous work. Under the supervision of a yoga instructor as only yogic breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques are advised. It is allowed, though, when it comes to listening to soothing music and light reading.

To narrate the story of Ayurveda, its evolution, and how this tradition is preserved in modern times, they have a museum on the premises. From the cottages to suits, rooms with the view of ordinary rooms, there is a range of accommodations that are provided. But, here you need to expect three months, advanced booking. One of the best Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala is Vaidyaratnam.


4. Anjali Ayurvedic Research Centre



The imbalances in their health are expressed in an ideal way as every patient who walks into Anjali center for Ayurveda treatment in Kerala is not offered a standard generalized treatment package as every person has a unique constitution. Each individual is offered a personalized treatment after an in-depth consultation rather. Clients are suggested potential lifestyle modifications specifically to address their needs and imbalances for longer-lasting results.

They offer treatments for a large number of illnesses such as arthritis, various skin diseases, psychosomatic conditions, autoimmune disorders, including psoriasis for cleansing, rejuvenation, and detoxification are all included here.



5. MGS Kalari Chikithsalayalam


At this Kalarippayatty or martial arts center, Kalari massage, which is a 5000 years old traditional and scientific method for physical and mental health, and yoga is practiced here. 108 pressure points within the body that are mainly close to the surface of the skin where important nerve form junctures with muscular fibers, veins, bones, and joints form are marmas. There is severe pain or deformity with any disturbance or trauma to these points.

For massaging those energy points, different types of oils having various medicinal properties are prepared in-house and are used.

With the Kalari massage, sprain, broken bones, arthritis, spondylitis, and other pains are treated. The muscles, nervous system, blood circulation, and joints will all bounce back to normal condition after the full course of the massage here.

Their skilled masseurs offer four-hand or six-hand massage to help in the case of insomnia, laziness, dry and unhealthy skin, and others for complete relaxation and to stimulate the internal functions of the body.




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