ai in content marketing

How artificial intelligence helps content marketing?

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AI in content marketing

Would it be fine to be oblivious to developments in technology? Of course not. Let’s discuss the role of AI[Artificial Intelligence] in content marketing. Every content available online is subject to various phases before it goes live. Keyword research, review of data, search engine optimization, content writing–the list is long and so is the amount of time required. Marketers need to spend writing hours doing research, testing as well as optimizing. With the rapid advancement of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to and has gradually started to change the face of content marketing.

Before we find out how, let me explain artificial intelligence. In technical terms, AI is human-like intelligence shown by a computer, robot or other machine. Stating briefly, artificial intelligence means the ability of a computer or machine to mimic human mind capabilities. This comprises studying from examples and experience, understanding and responding to language, recognizing objects and solving problems-these along with other capabilities are combined to carry out functions a human is likely to perform. 

Overwhelmed due to too much information? Here is a simple example of the use of artificial intelligence. Google Maps. Travelling to a new location is easier now, isn’t it? The application knows the accurate directions, optimal route, road barriers and even identifies traffic congestions! The AI-based algorithm even sends out to the users the distance and time they will take to reach their destination. This is because it has been taught to calculate this based on traffic situations.

Role of AI in content marketing

Two things are important to know. Firstly, the capacity to ‘read’ human language is the domain of an AI-powered technology called natural language processing. The capacity to ‘write’ and ‘speak’ is because of AI called natural language generation.

The amazing part happens when these systems are able to improve themselves slowly.

When it comes to AI in content marketing, picture this scenario. An advanced intelligent machine system reads or writes human language. Each time it does this, it learns some more on how to improve and adjusts appropriately. We are looking at tools that probably would be able to read, suggest or write content more effectively than humans.

In the year 2019, OpenAI, a non-profit AI research company, stated they came up with an AI model that basically writes coherent paragraphs of text at scale. In 2020, an updated model was released.

What we must understand is it is not that artificial intelligence is defeating writers or eliminating the need for content marketers, but it is to say that AI is making good progress towards performing certain marketing tasks better than us.

As we move forward, some kind of skills are likely to face automation owing to artificial intelligence. One is tasks that are finished using a set of repeatable steps that actually do not change much are ‘exposed’ to automation. Tasks that depend on data to generate outputs have a chance of being eligible for AI. Also, tasks that require prediction about an outcome are also prone to artificial intelligence.


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