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Gone are the days of paper tickets and phone apps for traveling identity check. The most populous city in the world, Dubai has developed another addition to their technology upgrade; an Iris scanner that now lets the passengers pass through the passport controls within seconds without any human interaction.

Ideal for current scenario with global Pandemic, Iris scanners has made it easier to check in and ease through immigration counters. A programmed enlistment framework empowered by cutting edge cameras will do the eye output, all things considered, facilitating the passenger’s stream and saving their time. Passenger’s biometric information (iris and facial acknowledgment highlights) will be recorded and is stored on the framework naturally on their initial visit at the Dubai Airport. This implies on their second visit onwards they won’t have to go through an eye check once more.

This latest AI program was launched in United Arab Emirates, with consideration to limit the spread of COVID-19 Virus with a contact-less technology. At, present visitors have to scan through the Iris-scanners each time they enter the country. However, the foreigners who has a resident visa in the UAE doesn’t have to undergo this security check as their biometrics is already saved within the country records of citizens.

The control system has explained how this technology will be working for the betterment of its citizens. Initially the passenger’s facial and iris features will be automatedly recorded through the passport control counter and stored within the security systems on their first entry. This leaves them completely check-free the next time they enter the country. Apart from a contact-less checking, this advanced technic would also help the authorities to identify individuals who has been officially banned from the country, thus stopping their entry to the country. The Iris data is stored and compared with already stored central database on a real time basis.

Even though the new technology is praised for its advantages, it is equally looked down upon for the fear caused about the privacy of the country targeting human right activists and journalists. Although the Dubai Immigration Office emphasis that the personal data of the passenger’s are kept intact, the question of their security being kept open with the passport info and the flight info is unresolved. There is also a critic raised upon how the data can be misused without unknown storage.

Despite concerns about overzealous surveillance Iris scans, requiring people to stare into a camera as though they’re offering a fingerprint, have become more widespread worldwide in recent years as questions have arisen over the accuracy of facial recognition technology. 

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