Does Portion Size Matter Even When You Eat Healthy Foods?

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Everyone nowadays knows the importance of avoiding junk and processed food and opting for healthy food. But is it enough just to choose food that is healthy on a label? Eating healthy is not just about having healthy food in your diet. For a healthy eating habit, the portion size and times you eat the “healthy food” also play a vital role. It is to be kept in mind that too much good can actually do bad!

In recent years, the quantity or portion of a serving of food has drastically increased in restaurants and eateries. This is a way they market their food and attract customers by increasing the portion size. Although this can be economical for customers, it is not a healthy trend. Continuously consuming more food than what your appetite needs have become a habit to an alarming majority of people. This makes them lose control over the portion of food they are eating even if they choose healthier versions.

Most people commonly believe that the feeling of fullness is the indicator to stop eating, but it is not! In fact, you should have stopped eating the meal way before that stuffy feeling was experienced, it is overeating.

In the case of healthy diets, they contain high calories that are supposed to keep you full with a minimal quantity of intake. They are packed with energy for long hours of tedious activities. Instead what people are believing is that if it is healthy you can have it without limits.

Always keep a check on how much you eat, whatever it is. To give you an idea, a healthy adult needs around 1,600 to 3,000 calories a day. If you are not performing any strenuous activities then the lower range of 1,600 calories is what you will need.

30 g of cashew nuts can give you 155 calories and you can get 344 calories from 1 chicken breast! So 3 meals a day and a little snack in between should all be within the 2,000 calories range. This is why the food portion is very important in your diet planning.

Start your day with an energy-rich diet, like eggs, some fruits, and such in the correct serving suggestions.

Consume with conscience, so that your resolution for a healthy life with healthy food can pay off. Try to avoid too many snack-times because that essentially destroys the purpose of healthy eating even if they are advised healthy foods like nuts or dry fruits. And always keep in mind that superfoods and protein bars are not snacks you should devour up when you are sitting idle at home, they are meant to give you long hours of energy in quick bites and are very helpful in case when you are performing physical activities like trekking or sports.

Eat what you need, not what you think you want. Stay healthy, stay active!

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