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Pet Grooming Essentials & Routines; Why and How?

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Things Need for Pet Grooming

If pets are your BFF, you know you should groom them to keep them healthy and clean. But you should also have the right kind of products and tools if you want the grooming to be perfect and enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Here’s why pet grooming products are essential and what all you should have in your pet grooming kit.

First things first, always use products that are specifically meant for your pet, don’t substitute them with human versions of those as they may irritate your fur friends.

Let’s prepare a pet grooming kit!

  • Brushes- Get brushes that suit your pet’s fur length and skin type. Yes, there are specific tools for short-haired or long-haired pets available in the market.
  • Combs- They help tease out clumpy bits in their fur
  • Pet Nail clippers- Overgrown nails are a harm to your pet and you
  • Electric trimmers- Tame out those long furry coats when they grow too much, and use clippers while doing so, to prevent cuts
  • Pet wipes- They are a quick fix when you need a quick clean for your pet in-between baths.
  • Pet Shampoos & Conditioners- Human shampoos are for humans, don’t use them on your fur-friends. Opt for non-scented shampoos & moisturizing conditioners to keep their fur silky smooth.
  • Treats- So that when they get a little fussy you can keep them entertained with their favorite treats
  • Pet Bathing Brushes- For tangle-free and clean baths that don’t hurt your pet
  • Towels- Always have a large dry towel ready to dry them after a clean bath
  • Q-Tips- To clean their ears and eyes gently
  • Ear & Eye Cleansers- Specific cleansers that don’t irritate your pet are available which you can include in your pet grooming kit to avoid infections and health issues
  • Essential medications- It’s always good to have wound, lice, and insect medications in your pet grooming kit. Believe us! They do come in handy.

Now that we have sorted a good pet grooming kit, remember that grooming your pet can also double as a bonding time between you two. Don’t rush things, take time, and treat them when they act well. Groom regularly to keep them healthy and good-looking. Always choose a space that is well-lit, spacious, and safe, with a non-slippery floor. Keep all things needed nearby. If you have any doubt or need help with your pet grooming, don’t hesitate to approach a vet. They can walk you through the process of how to safely groom them without causing any discomfort. Seek the assistance of your family or friends if you can’t do it alone. Keep the tools and accessories of your pet grooming kit well-maintained with sharpening and replacing them whenever needed. And most importantly over-grooming is also bad! Don’t bathe them too often and never overcut the nails and fur!

Take care of your furry friend and keep them happy and healthy and in a way keep yourself and the house too clean! Paw paw hooman!

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