How is the tourism better after post Covid

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Tourism is a vital part of any economy. There are many amazing tourist destinations across the Globe
which people love to explore and the place called “Kerala” popularly known as “God’s own country” is
one of them. Unfortunately due to the spread of Covid 19, the tourist destinations of Kerala are going
through difficulties. Tourists from other nations are restricted to enter the territory due to the tourism
policy of Government of Kerala to prevent the spread of Covid 19 among the people.
Tourism is a main source of income to government and its people. It provides plenty of job opportunities
to people. Many hotels, beach restaurants and various types of shops are successfully running because of
the tourism in the region. It is a true fact that Covid 19 is a global issue. Most of the countries have imposed
the lockdown as part of their preventive measures. But the lockdown imposed by different countries in
different times had various level of impact of Covid 19 on their tourism industry.

When it comes to the matter of wonderful state of mountains and rivers called Kerala, it is still under the
threat of pandemic called Covid 19 due to some of the imprudent policies initiated during the beginning
of Covid 19 by the government and its officials. But real challenge is how to ensure a smooth and effective
tourism after post Covid in Kerala. It will be challenging to any country and the matter of “Kerala is also
not different while considering various factors. It cannot be improve within a day but it will definitely take

During the beginning of Covid 19 different estimates had made by different experts regard to the potential
impact of this pandemic on tourism and other industries. But things are getting better now. Earlier it was
bad but now things are getting better and better due to the conscious efforts of government and people.
One thing the government can successfully plan and execute after post Covid 19 will be promotion of
domestic tourism rather concentrating on international tourism. But the government should have a strict
guide lines regard to what to do and what to avoid. Our state should follow successfully the matters
related to social distancing and contact tracing to avoid unnecessary spread of pandemic again.

In addition to that Government should support tourism as well as travel spheres by its bailout packages.
First of all, there should be a favorable atmosphere for tourism. In order to gain the confidence of
international tourists we need to frame a safe tourism strategy in the state. If we able to plan and execute
the domestic tourism in the country, it will be really positive sign for international tourist as part of their
visit to “Kerala.”
It’s very crucial to have a proper tourism plan after post Covid 19. But as part of Government policy they
should able to know how to implement it well. Here is the relevance of complete cooperation of the
people in determine the success of tourism after Covid 19. We have to truly concentrate on even the
smallest things to negate the possibility of a second wave of Covid 19 into our state. This can only be
attainable through collective efforts. It’s easy to plan things but the part of execution is the most
challenging and important one.
Recovery of travel and tourism are the major concern that the Kerala government needed to address
during post Covid 19. Here government has to concentrate on few matters. They are;

Rebuilding of trust and confidence of the consumer

After the lockdown our neighboring country Maldives warmly welcomed all tourists to its hotels and
resorts. Even the minister forwarded strong welcome message to the global tourist fraternity. It’s a prime
example of what kind of a policy that should be initiated by a responsible government after the Covid 19.
Similar things also can be initiated by government of Kerala after this terrible situation.

Introduction of new products and services to tourism industry

It’s the time to ponder about tourism services and products while considering current scenario in our
region. Launching of new services and products in the sphere of tourism after Covid 19 is a good idea to
attract tourists from different parts of the globe. It’s again in the hands of our government to frame proper
tourism strategy which is integrated with trust and mutual respect.

Support of the Common people towards restoration

Without the cooperation of people it’s not possible to restore the tourism in our nation. Here people have
to be aware about the rules and regulations which are being initiated by the respected government. So,
people have to cooperate with government by obeying and respecting the rules and regulations. The
success of a government is depending on how the people of the country reacting positively to its policies.

Building of New infrastructure facilities for tourism

If you wanted to re-establish tourism industry, quality infrastructure should be ensured in the region. So,
our government needed to invest its money and people to provide a new look and feel for its tourism
industry. It will result in the flow of tourist into our destination.
It’s a fact that due to the fierce atrocities of human being we lost our nature and life. People are involved
in deforestation and other unfriendly activities towards nature. One of the reasons of spreading these
pandemic are a powerless nature. Here the imprudent deeds of human being are the culprit. It’s quite a
truth that our deeds will turn against us in future.
Tourism is the blood of Kerala. We have plenty of possibilities to exploit the opportunities in the sphere
of travel and tourism. We need to have some initiatives from the ruling parties to rebuild our tourism
industry. There is a lot to explore in Kerala tourism and let us hope a better tourism model after Covid 19.
Rebuilding is a task to be performed by all. Here we need responsible people to uplift our tourism industry.


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  • January 16, 2021

    What a momentous article!!
    As an avid traveler and blogger I totally related to the articulation of words to put forward the idea of travel post covid. Thanks to the government and front line workers who worked hard to get a cure to this frivolous pandemic.
    Excellent words. Great work. Keep up the good work.


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