Top 8 WhatsApp Alternative Apps USEFUL

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WhatsApp has globally 1.6 billion consumers around the world. Its a very trusted app .Its very fast and easy to use with

family and friends and even for the business purpose most of all the people use for what’s app for short messages , calls and chat as well. There is no direct competition so far for WhatsApp. Due to the recent controversy on WhatsApp announced a new privacy policy that no longer allows users to opt out sharing their data with their parent company Facebook. According to the new policy users chats , messages and pictures will now be automatically shares with facebook.

Below are the 8 WhatsApp Alternative App

  • Telegram Messenger.
  • Signal Private Messenger.
  • Discord.
  • Bridgefy.
  • Kik.
  • Snapchat.
  • Skype.
  • Keybase.


  • Telegram

Telegram is a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging software and application service. service also provides video calling, VoIP, file sharing and several other features. Its an What’s up Alternative App .

Telegram available in English ,Italian, Korean, Spanish, French, Malay, German, Arabic ,Russian, Dutch, Portuguese and Ukrainian.

Telegram available on Google play as well.Its an What’s up Alternative App.

  • Signal Private Messenger

Signal app is free to download and was developed to send text, image, audio, and video messages for individuals and groups. Mainly used for encrypted phone calls between Signal users for mobile users. Its an What’s up Alternative App.

  • Discord.

Discord is an American VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. Mainly users communicate with voice and video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats .Its an alternative to What’s up

  • Bridgefy

Bridgefy is s an offline messaging app that helps you communicate with friends and family when there is no internet access , by simply turning on your Bluetooth antenna. Its an What’s up Alternative App

 This app is completely free, so that they can make their own apps work without the internet

  • Kik.

 Its an alternative to Skype or Face time ,Kik it’s a real time video chat that very similar to other video chat apps and you can use video chat live with friends one-to-one or chat with up to six friends in a private chat. Its an alternative to What’s up .

  • Snapchat.

Emoji is one of the

trademarks of Snapchat and can display beside a friend’s name. It appears beside one of your friend’s usernames, then it means that you are in their “Best Friends” list. Its an alternative to What’s up .

Snapchat is mainly fun and safe app. However, there are are settings and you can create an account that only certain people can see.

  • Skype.

You can skype on computer, tablet and mobile phone as well.Its an alternative to What’s up .

If you are both using Skype, the call is completely free .User need to not pay any money and if they use premium features like voice mail SMS, Text or making calls to land line .


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