Trends of Bitcoin Investment in India

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Because of the underlying reliable blockchain technology, stability, and accessibility, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency for investment. A digital ledger is created by blockchain technology. Where previous bitcoin transaction data is stored so that it is difficult to alter, hack, duplicate, or falsify the information. Cryptography secures the records on a blockchain, and you have private keys allocated to the transactions, making them safe.

The blockchain makes the distributed ledger of transactions available by spreading it through the entire computer system network. Bitcoins are available for investment and trading on all cryptocurrency exchanges.


Before investing in Bitcoin, there are a few things to keep in mind:


In India, bitcoins are not illegal:

Bitcoins have made many controversies over the last two years due to various issues, including the RBI circular prohibiting financial institutions from facilitating crypto-based transactions. The industry suffered a major setback as a result of this. The RBI’s ban was overturned by the Supreme Court in March 2020. According to recent news, the government, a strong critic of cryptocurrency, is now considering proposals to regulate the sector with the RBI. Bitcoin is likely to become a common investment commodity shortly.


Bitcoin Prices Are Extremely Fluctuating:

Bitcoin is a relatively new market, and its price is affected by several factors. But, for the most part, it is determined by supply and demand. Due to the limited supply of bitcoins, higher demand can push up prices and vice versa. The market is extremely volatile and known to be extremely dangerous. Though the risk is favorable in terms of returns, you can reduce it by performing research before investing. 


Irreversible Bitcoin Transactions

Payments made with bitcoins are permanent. You are unable to cancel a transaction after it has been completed. This means you can only do business with people you can trust or organizations with a strong reputation.

Bitcoin wallets typically detect typos and prevent you from accidentally sending money to an invalid address. Even for greater protection and security, it is better to be cautious and monitor transactions.


Where Can you Get a Bitcoin Wallet?

You can register to use your bitcoin wallet by downloading the mobile app wallet from Google Play or the Apple Store. The app wallets are free to download and use; you do not have to pay to use them. To use a web wallet, you must first build an account with the appropriate website/platform or a crypto exchange, such as WazirX or Zebpay.

Hardware wallets are physical plug-in machines that mimic USB flash drives. They are compact and can be bought from Amazon or the company directly. Download the.exe program and save it to your local PC hard disk to create a desktop wallet.


The current situation is complicated: While Indians are interested in learning more about this alternative currency universe, the current situation is complicated. This zeal has been multiplied by a factor of ten in the year 2020. Alongside this, businesses are exploring more and more real-world blockchain applications and their potential to transform the world, such as Ethereum’s smart contracts.

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