Why Do We Celebrate Women’s Day?

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In India and all over the world many special days are celebrated every year and all these days have a special meaning behind the celebration, as like all these days, Women’s Day is also celebrated in India and all over the world also, it is celebrated 8th of march every year in India.

International Women’s day is an International holiday of every government and private industry.

Women have some special meaning in human life as we can see that a women word have its meaning, “Wonderful Mother, Outstanding Friend, Marvellous Daughter, Adorable Daughter, Nicest Gift to all from God”. This is the real meaning of a woman in every person’s life.

Why Do We Celebrate Women’s Day?

The main motive behind the celebration of women’s day is to highlight the difficulties faced by women in our society and also to highlight the gender discrimination in our society still women are facing in our society.

Mainly it was started in 1908 when about 15,000 women were marched in New York City and they all are demanding some voting rights and also demanding fewer hours to work and better pay. On the next day, the socialist party of New York thought about the celebration of women’s day and after that, women continue celebrating Women’s Day every year.

The main theme of Women’s day is to generate equality between men and women and provide them with equal rights in every field.


When we talk about the history of women’s day then it was first celebrated in 1911 in Austria, Germany and Switzerland on 19 March and in between 1913 and 14, it was celebrated on 23 February in Russia, but after more amendments its 8th march is accepted as women’s day Globally.

Efforts We Can Do for Celebration

We can show our respect to women in many ways but, sometimes when you want to celebrate women’s day then you can do many things, as every year Women’s Day have a theme, we can follow that theme and can organise a little nit function in our working area and also in our society, this way can motivate women at a level and can also leave a good message for everyone towards women in society.

We know that Women’s Day is only targeted to women, then at the time of women’s day, involve that kind of people, who have different thinking’s towards women and try to set a good conversation by which you can change the mindset of that kind of people towards women, as we know that every successful person has a women role behind his/her success.

Sometimes women’s face so many problems at workplaces and this is a common problem for women, so we have to make some efforts to solve this problem, as we have to provide some parental leaves, flexible working hours, try to provide leadership in some works. Try to maintain some good work opportunities for women. As we can see that women are giving their best in every field of industry, as we can see many women are also representing our country at a high position in political and defense fields.



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